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“Ahmé is the best mentor an instructor could ask for. Her abundant knowledge, casual grace, and approachable demeanor create a unique combination that has continued to challenge me to be the best Pilates teacher I can be.”

Dayle BuickPilates Instructor, Austin TX

“Ahmé’s support and care for me and other aspiring teachers is unparalleled. She’s a mentor and a friend selflessly encouraging me to seek after my passion.”

Katy WeprinBarre & Pilates Instructor, Los Angeles, CA

“The support as an instructor I’ve received from Ahmé prepared me for opening my own flourishing Pilates Studio.”

Mandy CompagnerStudio Owner, Holland MI

“Ahmé is a passionate, kind, and brilliant teacher!”

Rhonda TubbenPilates & Barre Instructor, Okemos MI

“With her expert, unique approach, Ahmé has taken me from surgery bound to pain free, and on to improved body confidence.  Her consistent, positive, and professional manner creates a comfortable, inspiring, and fun learning environment.”

 Jennifer KallilPrivate Client, Grand Rapids MI

“Ahmé inspired me to delve deeper during her Mastering the Multifidus presentation at Pilates on Tour Chicago! It is a real pleasure to incorporate her techniques with clients and educating other instructors at conferences internationally!”

Erika QuestMaster Instructor & Presenter, Laguna Beach CA

“Good cues have set me apart as an instructor and I am so grateful to have learned this gift from Ahmé.”

Tiffany WinklerPilates & Barre Instructor, Grand Blanc MI
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