Balanced Body® Education, is an industry leading, comprehensive Pilates Instructor and Anatomy training program that is highly respected across the US and worldwide. The program is designed to deliver training for a highly successful and satisfying career. The curriculum includes the Classical work that Joseph Pilates taught as well as variations and modification developed in response to scientific advances.

Pilates in East is West Michigan’s premiere Pilates Teacher Training and Certification Center and an authorized provider of Balanced Body® Education.  Master Instructor, Ahmé Bovée, has been teaching teachers for over 14 years.  If you are considering a new career as a Pilates Instructor give us a call at (616) 299-9011 to schedule a free consultation.  We would be delighted to share more about the program and how you can get started.

Mind and body fitness...

Pilates Training

Balanced Body® Educational Brochure for program details.

Movement Principles is the first course for all of the Pilates training programs.  You can get started with a Mat 1 or Reformer 1 course so long as you register for a Movement Principles course at the same time.  Please note: Anatomy and experience is not required to get started.  Anatomy will be required to test out at the Reformer level or higher.

There are four levels of training available:

  • Mat Pilates Instructor
  • Reformer Pilates Instructor
  • Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor
  • Comprehensive Pilates Instructor*

*Mat, Reformer, Trapeze/Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – qualifies you for the PMA Pilates certification exam.

Unique and meaningful...

Anatomy Training

Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ is one of the most unique and meaningful anatomy courses you can take at any stage of your career. You will build the muscles in clay on specially designed skeletons and imprint the body’s design deeply into your mind. It is great for both beginners and anatomy nerds alike. Ahmé can also travel to your location to teach this course upon request (minimum 6 participants).

A passion for movement...

Barre Training

Balanced Body Barre® takes the original Lotte Berk method and updates it with Balanced Body Movement Principles to create a high energy, safe and fun workout appropriate for all levels of fitness levels and ages.

The only prerequisite is a passion for movement and the desire to share that passion with others.

Job Success & Satisfaction...

Mentor & Coaching

The most successful Instructors and Studio Owners have support from their Master Instructor/Mentor throughout their whole career. Continuing education and coaching are vital for job success and satisfaction. Join the Bovée Pilates Club for more resources and community support.

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