Bovee Pilates | Getting Started | FAQs

How many classes per week should I take?

To get the best results attending 2-3 classes per week is recommended. Many of our regular clients tell us that two times per week is when they really started to feel and see dramatic changes in their body. Once a week can be a good place to start and/or use Pilates as cross training for other forms of fitness.

What do I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, nothing restrictive. For safety and cleanliness, we require sticky socks be worn. You can bring your own or we do have some you can purchase.

If you need to wear shoes and/or orthotics because of a physical or medical issue please wear clean indoor athletic shoes only. We keep our studio floor and equipment immaculately clean and we do not want outside dirt or contaminants.

I am a beginner, what group class should I start with?

Virtual Mat & Barre: All levels are welcome to start with any of our classes although we recommend starting with our signature Virtual Tone & Tighten class.

Reformer: Prior to starting a reformer class, all clients must complete either a free 30 minute demo or our new client 2 for $119 private training special. Based on our instructor’s assessment of your goals and abilities, a suitable class will be recommended.

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just “drop in”?

For any virtual classes ,a reservation is required at least 30 minutes in advance of the class to receive the link. You may schedule virtual classes online or CONTACT US to schedule.

For reformer classes, a reservation is required. Once you complete either a free 30-minute demo or private sessions, you may schedule your reformer classes online as well. CONTACT US to get started.

If I am new to the studio do I need to do anything special for my first class?

Yes, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class to fill out our New Client Form and make sure to introduce yourself to the instructor when you arrive. The instructor will welcome you, get you oriented and help you set up for class. Please feel free to approach them after class for any further assistance or questions you may have.

What is the difference between a Monthly Membership and purchasing “flex” classes?

When you sign up for a monthly membership you will be enrolled in an autopay program. Each month your credit card will automatically be charged based on the membership you have chosen. Attending regular classes yield the best results!

Flex classes are class credits that are good for one year from purchase. This option is better for someone who travels a lot or does not think they can come to class regularly. We offer flex classes in packages of 8,16 or 24.

Does my UNLIMITED Monthly Membership have to start on a particular day of the month?

You can start anytime! The first day your membership becomes active will become the day of the month your autopay will be processed each subsequent month. If you have any other questions about the Monthly Membership option or would like assistance signing up please CONTACT US.

How do I schedule a private session?

We would be delighted to assist you. Please CONTACT US.

What are your cancellation policies?

Virtual classes: call, email or cancel online up to 30 minutes prior to the start of class and you can reschedule your class reservation without losing the class credit

Group Reformer Classes: call, email or cancel online up to 8 hours prior to the start of class and you can reschedule your class reservation without losing the class credit

Private & Semi-Private sessions: 24 hours cancellation notice is required or full fee is charged

What is your policy on inclement weather?

Our inclement weather cancellation policy is available
by clicking this link.

If I have a special condition like Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Scoliosis, or Back pain can I do Pilates?

Yes, Pilates is often recommended for people with special conditions like osteoporosis, pregnancy, scoliosis or back pain however, it is important to speak an instructor first to determine which classes are suitable for your condition. Specific modifications are required for each condition so we will likely recommend that you first start with private training sessions so we can go over the modifications required to keep you safe.

Our expert instructors are specifically trained to work with you and your individual needs to make a safe, effective and informed exercise program.