Ahmé Bovée BA, CPT

Driven by a passion to help others fulfill their highest potential Ahmé was drawn to Pilates as a tool for healing and discovery. The mindful focus, connection to breath and deep study of anatomy and biomechanics has been her obsession for 25 years and over 40,000 studio hours.

A health and fitness expert, Balanced Body® Master Instructor, TV show host, and conference presenter, she mentors clients, instructors and studio owners across the country.

Ahmé offers comprehensive teaching training at Pilates in East in Grand Rapids Michigan as well as traveling to teach at studios across North America.

The Gift of Peace

“I came to discover Pilates at a time in my life that I was struggling with anxiety and depression. The mindfulness and detailed attention my original mentors Susan Greskevitch and Margot McKinnon gave me was transformative. It was healing through movement, centering through breath, peace through being in the present moment. This gift was so impactful I was overwhelmed with passion to share it with others. My career in Pilates had begun.”

- Ahmé


It’s already within you...

Natural Intelligence

Bovée Pilates is about rediscovering the truths that are already within you. We are simply tapping into the innate intelligence of the body and respecting its own ability to balance and excel. When you operate in harmony with your natural design amazing things happen!

Knowledge & Understanding...

Art & Science

Though detailed study of biomechanics, anatomy and neuromuscular science Bovée Pilates is built on knowledge and understanding. At the same time, communicating this with clients is an art unto itself. This is where Pilates instructors can excel if they have the tools. Bovee Pilates technique is about executing both skill and knowledge at an expert level.


The sky is the limit...

Critical Reasoning

The best instructors create customized programs perfectly tailored to each client. Bovée Pilates teaches you how to think not just what to think. With a strong foundation in the science of movement and problem-solving skills the sky is the limit.

Peace. Love. Pilates.

Bovee Pilates is about using Pilates as a tool to balance your whole life mind, body and spirit. It’s about finding peace of mind, learning to love your body and sharing the healing benefits of movement with others. A life transforming philosophy that is changing the world one breath at a time!

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