Bovee Pilates | About

What is Pilates?

PILATES (pronounced “pi-lah-teez”) is an exercise program to strengthen, stretch, realign and balance your whole body. It is well known for its focus on core strength and is often recommended for people with back issues. It is named after its creator Joseph Pilates and is used by dancers, athletes, physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Tone and Strengthen – Build long, lean muscles from the inside out
  • Core Strength – Have the best abs of your life
  • Improve Posture and Balance – Stand taller after every class
  • Performance Enhancement – Great for athletes and cross-training
  • Stretch and Realign – Take care of your body, and it will take care of you

What is Bovée Pilates?

Ahmé Bovée is taking Pilates to the next level. With over 40,000 hours of expertise, she’s an internationally top-ranked Master Instructor and industry leader. But Ahmé noticed something wasn’t right with the old way of teaching Pilates. Too stuffy, too strict, too focused on correcting and labeling faults. So, she created her own unique way of teaching Pilates, based on freeing the body and mind to achieve its true and natural potential.  Our unique FREEDOM-ology® training formula syncs the body’s natural intelligence with the power of positive psychology for faster, more effortless results. Experience newfound strength, suppleness, and freedom in your body. Welcome to the future of Pilates; welcome to the Bovée Way!